WATCH: Never forget Cory's direct attack on press freedom, says Thinking Pinoy

Social media page Thinking Pinoy powered by RJ Nieto shared an insight about the best example for direct attack on press freedom after the Securities and Exchange Commission revoked Rappler's registration.

Some spectators concluded that President Rodrigo Duterte is behind the said issue saying he is oppressing the press freedom.

Using the social media page, Thinking Pinoy uploaded a video clip that shows the late President Cory Aquino is the one who directly attacked press freedom in 1987 when Philippine Star columnist Luis Beltran wrote she hid under her bed during a coup'd'etat.

"Beltran, who openly criticized Aquino for her incompetence, said his words should not have been taken literally. Nevertheless, Beltran and the Star issued groveling apologies to the President Aquino for the supposed misunderstanding. Aquino didn't accept Beltran and the Star's apology. She still pursued the case, with her even sitting on the witness stand WHILE SHE WAS STILL THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, as shown in the accompanying video clip," as read in the caption.

The page in 1992, the court ruled in favor of Aquino and sentenced Beltran and Star Editor Max Soliven to 2 years in prison and ordered them to pay Php2 million in damages.

"The Duterte Government simply rescinded Rappler's corporate registration, which does not prevent Rappler from covering Malacanang. It is a mere administrative case that involved no jail sentences and no fines. Meanwhile, the Aquino Government -- through no less than Cory Aquino herself -- aggressively sent two journalists to jail," TP added.

The page defended Duterte that if he is a badass, he could sue Rappler reporter Pia Ranada Robles who said Christopher Bong Go influenced the naval ship deal, but he didn't.

"If there's a government that really directly attacked press freedom, it's the Government of Cory Aquino, the Government of the person that the Yellow Bleeding Hearts adore. Never Forget," TP added.

 As to this writing the said post has already generated 7800 mixed reactions from netizens.

Watch the video below!

Source: Facebook | Thinking Pinoy