WATCH! Single mom criticizes Leni: you are supposed to be helping us, not making speeches to the UN

An Overseas Filipino Worker made a statement about Vice President Leni Robredo on the things she should be accountable talking about the message she delivered for the UN Summit.

In a live video uploaded in Facebook, Hedda Joy Gonzales Tady, a single mom and OFW staying in Bangkok said Leni is accountable for three things because she voted for her and she deserves an explanation.

"I want her to be accountable that she didn't mention the rehabilitation centers the Duterte administration has put up. How did she help putting up these? She hasn't done so much to help and alleviate the people in the Philippines,"Hedda said.

She also said Leni should be accountable for saying negative things in the international media without recognizing the positive side of the programs of the current administration.

"You need to be accountable for these things, because we are the people you are supposed to be working for, helping, that's what are supposed to do in office of the Vice President," she emphasized.

The OFW also mentioned Leni should be working for the welfare of the people and not making speeches to the EU and UN, blabbering negative thoughts because it is unfair for the Filipino people.

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