WATCH: Former Filipino UN delegate urges UN to not believe VP's message on War on Drugs

A former Filipino United Nations General Assembly delegate filed an appeal to the United Nations to disregard the message of Vice President Leni Robredo on the war on drug movement of the present administration.

Using his Facebook, Michael Francis Acebedo Lopez went live on March 17 midnight to present his written appeal before the UN.

Recalling a mandate, Lopez shared his appeal was based from legal bases provided by the UN.

"I am making this urgent appeal on behalf of each and every Filipino grossly misinterpreted by our VP in said video message. For her to say that our people feel both hopeless and helpless is a brazen lie. Confidence in the presidency is at an all time high as a people, we feel hopeful and empowered like we've never been before," Lopez said.

This man also said he is firm that the LP has something to do with the message Leni has given.

"She fails to mention that this is set against the backdrop of around 700,000 to one million successful arrests and surrenders. So the figure she presents to you is not even one percent. But exaggerating things does not help at all," he added.

Lopez also urged the people to cross check every information they heard from the VP and to be more vigilant in the face of threats to our democracy.

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