Avid Duterte administration Atty. Bruce Rivera demanded Vice President Leni Robredo to explain seven vague things about her in line with the Freedom of Information.

Using his Facebook post, Atty. Bruce emphasized that Leni is so fond of whining, trying to look like the victim, media-whoring and credit grabber.

"We demand you disclose to us:
1. the names of all your staff in the office of the vice president
2. whether or not you office has a social media team?
3. How much is the budget allocated for your social media team if any?
4. The number of times you traveled starting from the time you took office, the source of funds for such travels, the honorarium you received  from these travels, if any
5. the evidentiary basis why you made the statement to UN
6. an explanation why a married legislator from Metro Manila is always visiting Naga
7. and a written admission that you understand your oath as vice president," Bruce asked Leni to answer.

Bruce challenged Leni if she will be able to answer those questions, people will appeal to the Presidential Electoral Tribunal to hurry the recount.

"We cannot impeach someone we are not sure was even elected. If we do so, we run the risk of indirectly admitting she was duly elected. And she may be doing all these shenanigans to force us to to make an admission," he added.

Bruce explained that people are wiser now, and no longer vulnerable.

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The lawyer used #LeniPowerGrabber as a hashtag of his post which went viral on Facebook.

Source: Bruce Rivera