WATCH: 13th oarfish appears in CDO, might be an indicator of tsunami or earthquake

Last 2011, when Japan was hit by a Tsunami, a total of 20 oarfish appeared in their coastal area.

The 13th oarfish was found in the coastal are of Gusa, Cagayan de Oro on February 18 which many believes that this could also be an indicator of a great calamity.

According to source, when the 9th oarfish appeared of February 10, that was also the time when Surigao was devastated by a 6.7 magnitude earthquake.

"Marami tayong nababasa at naririnig tungkol sa isdang tio na talaga namang mapapaisip tayo kung totoo, hindi pala talaga dapat nagpapakita ang isdang ito sa baybayin dahil nakatira ito sa ilalim lamang ng karagatan," the post said.

It also added oarfish natural habitat can be found on the deepest part of the sea and only appears if there is shaking underwater because it is very sensitive.

The Facebook page encouraged people to pray, regardless it's just a superstitious belief or fact, for our nation and its people to be safe.

Watch the video:

Update (May 01, 2017): The original video from our source has been deleted. So we did a research in Facebook and found that video!